Salzburger Getreidemühlen

Hand mill MH 4

Free from plastics

  • the electricity-independent alternative
  • for gentle milling of the grain
  • to provide for times of crisis



Includes 20% MwSt.
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Hand Mill MH 4 – Completely WITHOUT Plastics

About 40 years ago, by the initiative of Barbara Rütting, our hand mills were delivered to developing areas of Africa for the first time. The actress, well-known in Europe at that time, was a convinced advocate of wholefood nutrition. As the publisher of various cooking and baking books, she made a valuable contribution to the spread of wholefood cuisine already in the 1970s.

Even today, in many so-called poor countries of the world such as Niger, Nicaragua, Yemen, Bolivia, etc., hand mills grind the valuable grain into flour, providing a huge relief compared to crushing the grains with mortars.

Solidly built, easy to attach, quick, and simple to use, this hand mill is a real alternative when no electric operation is possible.

Where do hand mills grind today?
If you eat the popular Kaiserschmarrn on a remote alpine pasture in Austria, it’s not uncommon for a hand mill to have provided the freshly ground flour.
Hand mills are increasingly experiencing a journey around the world in the galley of a high-seas yacht.
On campsites, the sound of working millstones is heard more and more.
True wholefood enthusiasts also want to have freshly ground flour on vacation or on weekends, in their holiday apartment, and have their hand mill in their luggage.

Blackout, emergency preparedness, have become buzzwords in recent years and many public entities have called for preparedness. It is certainly reassuring to have a small hand mill, like the MH4, which does not require much space, on hand for emergency times.

Our tip: During prolonged power outages, people usually stay in the house, in the apartment. The family, friends, neighbors stick together and help each other – including with grinding! Many hands grind a lot of flour with the small MH4. Therefore, purchasing a larger hand mill for emergency times is usually not necessary.

The casing of the hand mill MH 4 is made of domestic, solid beech wood.

Completely free from plastic parts, the flour retains its valuable ingredients unchanged.

All inner wooden parts remain spared from any varnish substances and solvents, so the wood retains its natural breathability and absorption capacity.
Wood is known to be antistatic and antibacterial.

The Granite Grinding Stone

The 12 cm large, naturally mined granite grinding stone is proven to be long-lasting and self-sharpening. Granite is pure nature, without any binders.
Especially when buying grain directly from a farmer, it can happen that small impurities such as stones are found in the grain. These are ground without any problem by the granite stones, without parts of the stone breaking off (according to our experience, this has never happened with hand mills in over 40 years).
Thus, the natural grinding stones also guarantee the long life of the mill and additionally protect your teeth.

Especially for raw foodists, grinding the grain with as little warming as possible is of great importance.
It is well known that raw foodists pay attention to keeping the warming of food below 40 degrees Celsius.
Since this is only possible with an electric mill with great effort, raw foodists themselves take action and grind the grain without electricity.

With a hand mill, you determine the rotation speed of the grinding stones and thus the degree of warming of the grain while grinding.

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The heart of the grain mill is the millstone.

Based on experience and full conviction, we decided in 2016 to manufacture mills exclusively with granite grinding stones extracted from nature under the name Salzburger Getreidemühlen. The decisive factor for this decision was the convincing features:
  • Extreme longevity: Our granite grindstones often provide excellent service for 30 to 40 years with the factory cut and can be reground by us for a second, equally long life. You can no longer make higher demands on the durability of a product.
  • Almost unbreakable: We are not aware of any breakage of the grindstone or parts breaking off. Our granite millstones can even withstand the grinding of small stones that may be present in the grain, thus protecting your teeth. We are therefore happy to provide a lifetime guarantee* on our natural stones (*see guarantee conditions)
  • Granite is perfect by nature: without any artificial binders or additives, granite stone is a pure and natural material with ideal properties for grinding grain. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, granite is the only right choice for us.
The flour of natural stones can hardly be described in words… Airy, powdery, velvety, soft. These words are not enough. You have to feel the flour between your fingertips. Flour that you buy pre-packaged in the store is divided into types and produced using standardized processes. Grind your own flour with an original Salzburg grain mill and experience the differences and special characteristics of the flour in the bowl that collects your flour under the spout. How it piles up into flour cones and slides off, how it can be shaken or later behaves during kneading, unfolds during baking and ultimately reveals itself in its outstanding taste. The words of experienced bakers count for more than industry standards.
That’s the only way to make it – with the flour from my Salzburg wife”, a farmer’s wife from Upper Austria told us at an exhibition, who always bakes a very special cake for her small community for the harvest festival. And you could literally see the pride in her eyes.

From granite block to millstone:

Our granite stones, each pair individually, are carefully and patiently matched and worked with manual skill. The production of our millstones begins with a millstone blank, which is given the basic shape of the grinding surfaces and perfect concentricity. This is followed by several uncompromising optimization steps in which perfection is worked out through grinding tests, renewed expansion and regrinding in order to achieve the desired fineness of the flour and grinding performance. It is a matter of experience and something very individual which shape the expert gives the stone until hard and bulky grains such as rice or chickpeas are ground just as finely as rye and wheat. It’s almost like building a musical instrument, where several paths usually lead to an outstanding result. Now you understand the effort required to transform the granite blocks extracted from the quarry into small, round, perfectly balanced millstones. And how simple it is to industrially produce artificial grinding stones made of corundum ceramic, pressed into shape using a chemical binder, in a high-temperature furnace.

Each pair of stones is unique!

Our search for the right granite for our mills began over 40 years ago. Even in our early days, in the pioneering days of the 1970s, we set out in search of “the stone”. We searched for years in Austria, Germany and throughout Europe and examined the advantages and disadvantages of the various natural stones in order to find the most suitable granite for the Salzburg MT series. The blocks are still quarried in the same area in Europe today, but our knowledge of the value of these stones is much greater. More than ever, we appreciate the properties such as hardness, self-sharpening and durability and, above all, the quality of the flour that can be produced with granite stones. We, Salzburg millwrights, can also proudly claim to be the only ones in Europe with over 40 years of experience with granite grinding stones for electric household mills.

Warranty conditions:

The guarantee is valid from the date of purchase, for an unlimited period of time, in the event of breakage and breakage of stone particles from the granite despite use of the grinder in accordance with the operating instructions and manufacturer’s specifications.
The granite stones are replaced free of charge if the grinding performance is impaired due to breakage or chipping of stone particles.
The warranty does not apply to damage caused by the use of force or improper use.

12-year warranty separately
In the event of premature wear of the granite grinding stone

Warranty conditions:

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase and entitles you to a free regrinding of the granite grinding stone if this should become necessary within the warranty period and the grinder has been used in accordance with the operating instructions.

12-year guarantee on all other MH 4 and MH 8 manual grinder components

The guarantee applies from the date of purchase for all verifiable material and processing defects and is based on our choice of replacement, repair or reimbursement of the purchase price.

Fragile parts are excluded from the guarantee. Wood is a living material and small cracks can occur in the wooden housing. These are not considered material defects.

The warranty does not cover compensation for consequential damage, loss or natural wear and tear or damage caused by force, improper use or lack of or improper care.
Interventions not carried out by the manufacturer or by persons authorized by the manufacturer will invalidate the warranty.

Technical Specifications of Grain Mill MH 4

Weight: 3.5 kg
Height: 16 cm without crank
Base Diameter: 22 cm
Hopper Capacity: 300 g
Fine Grinding Performance: 40 g/min
Coarse Grinding Performance: 80 g/min
Grinding Stone Diameter: 12 cm
Grinding Stone: Granite natural stone

“Lifetime” Guarantee on the granite grinding stone for breakage and chipping
Warranty on all other components: 2 years