Grain mill MT 18 Beech

The Salzburg grain mill for professionals and the highest demands

  • For large families with a high flour requirement
  • For discerning amateur bakers
  • Stainless steel thread for maximum precision fine adjustment
  • With natural granite grinding stones and wooden grinding chamber



The Grain Mill MT 18: For the Highest Standards

Grain mill MT 18 Beech

The Grain Mill MT 18 is the ideal choice for those who not only value efficiency and performance but also natural materials and an attractive appearance. Whether you have a large family or are simply looking for that “special” mill – the MT 18 excels in all areas.

Why the Grain Mill MT 18?

  • Do you have a large family with a high demand for flour? Quickly mill large amounts of flour without long waiting times.
  • Do you want to mill all hard grains like rice, corn, soybeans, etc., in larger quantities? No problem for the MT 18.
  • Do you value natural materials? Stainless steel bearing mounts, grinding chamber made of domestic beech wood, and granite grinding stone.
  • Are you looking for a high-performance grain mill? With a powerful special industrial motor that grinds gently at a low speed.
  • Do you desire an appealing look despite its size? The MT 18 combines functionality with aesthetics.

Performance Features of the Grain Mill MT 18

With a milling performance of 270 to 500 g of flour per minute and a hopper made of solid beech wood that is treated only with organic beeswax oil, the MT 18 sets new standards. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology guarantees the highest quality and durability.

Grain mill MT 18 BeechNatural Materials and Loving Workmanship

The Grain Mill MT 18 stands for a love of natural materials. All inner wooden parts are spared from lacquer substances and solvents to preserve the wood’s natural breathability and absorption capacity. The exterior is treated with organic beeswax oil for protection.

The Inner Grinding Chamber and the Stainless Steel Thread

The inner grinding chamber made of wood and the stainless steel thread for coarse-fine adjustment are just two examples of the high-quality workmanship and the special features of the MT 18. These components ensure strength, durability, and precise guidance of the grinding stone.

The Granite Grinding Stone: Heart of the Mill

The 12 cm large granite grinding stone is the heart of the MT 18. Granite is not only durable and self-sharpening but also guarantees the production of the finest flour for the most demanding baked goods. Chipping of stone particles is almost impossible, offering high protection for your teeth.

Technical Data

Grain mill MT 18 Beech

Milling capacity “fine”: approx. 270 g/min
Milling capacity “rough”: approx. 580 g/min
Weight: 24 kg
Hopper capacity: 1700 g
Base area: 25 cm
Height: 47 cm
Coarse-Fine Adjustment: stepless
Milling stone: Granite
Milling stone diameter: 120 mm
Milling chamber: untreated beech wood
Hopper and base: solid, domestic beech wood
Housing: Molded wood beech
Surface treatment of casing: organic beeswax oil
Power: 500 Watts
Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Rotation: 850 RPM
Warranty: 12 years for private use

Discover the Grain Mill MT 18 – the mill for connoisseurs and experts who do not want to make compromises.