Bread baskets and proofing baskets

Even the eye eats with you ...

Many recipes give the instruction to “let the doughrise” and some beginners ask themselves the question “but in what?” You could of course put the dough in a large bowl.

But are you happy with a loaf in a bowl or loaf pan?

We offer a selection of different proofing baskets to give your lovingly baked bread a visually appealing shape. Also called Simperln in Austria. The real bread baking pros know that only traditional baking tins with a grooved pattern make bread that’s delicious to eat.

Another advantage is that fermentation also improves crust formation.

Traditional fermenting baskets made of wicker, which have stood the test of time, also have special fermentation properties. Modern, artificial materials cannot offer these properties.

The proofing basket is very easy to clean, using a brush to remove the dough residue, but you should avoid using washing-up liquid and cleaning in the dishwasher. After each use, the basket should be given sufficient time to dry completely.

Under no circumstances should you use a mold made of plastic.