Natural stone instead of artificial stone

Natural stone instead of artificial stoneNatural Stone instead of Artificial Stone

For millennia, people have ground grain with natural stones—today, electric household mills with natural stones are a rarity!
Granite is mined naturally—the millstones are without binders—pure nature!
There has been no known cases of stone breakage or chipping in over 40 years.

In the market, mills with artificial corundum-ceramic stones are mostly offered.
These are largely made of aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide.

It is therefore obvious why there is only limited information available about natural stone millworks.
There are also instances of deliberate misinformation. For example, one such misinformation is that natural stones become smooth after just a few years and are expensive to regrind.
We can prove that natural stones can grind for decades without any processing!

For this reason, we also guarantee that we will regrind all natural stones for free within 12 years if necessary. Is there a better guarantee?
We also guarantee a lifespan of the millstones for 24 years! *
We cannot offer a guarantee that we will regrind corundum stones for free or replace broken corundum-ceramic stones.

Basically, there are only either natural or artificially manufactured millstones. Often you will find the term “natural stone blend.” This might suggest a mix of natural and artificially manufactured stones. However, this is not the case. There is no naturally grown corundum used in the manufacture of so-called corundum-ceramic millstones. Thus, these are exclusively artificially manufactured millstones.

Artificial millstones not only have the advantage that they are cheaper to produce. No manual processing (except in the case of custom-made products) is necessary. Furthermore, their installation in the mill is significantly less time-consuming than is the case with natural stones.

We want to introduce you to the positive characteristics of natural stone by publishing writings on this website, where our customers share their experiences and opinions with us.

However, many of the experiences our customers have, there are no scientific expert opinions that would validate the universality of these experiences. There simply are no scientifically verifiable proofs for customer experiences,

  • regarding how the baking behavior of natural stone flour differs from that of artificial millstone flour,
  • how natural stone flour behaves energetically differently,
  • how abrasions from artificial or natural stones behave in the body and how, for example, people with allergies react to the abrasions,
  • that our natural stone granite is extremely durable and even behaves more break-resistant in the case of grinding small stones in the flour compared to the corundum-ceramic millstones we used earlier

We also consistently receive interesting information from our customers about the energetic behavior, the spectral colors of the natural stone flour, and much more.
We receive praises from kinesiologists and alternative circles, who test the quality of products using their available means and methods. Experienced bakers, award-winning chefs, and enthusiastic homemakers also tell us about the baking properties of the natural stone flour, which we are very pleased about.

We would be delighted if you take the time to read some opinions from our “millers with Salzburger natural stone mills.”
Remember: What were many of the most monumental buildings on this earth made of? Granite!

Grinding with natural stone… a good feeling!

From quarrying to granite millstone