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Maorika - Manuka honey in a jar

Manuka honey in MGO 250, 500, 550, 800 filled in jars with certificate of authenticity. Bottling and laboratory testing in Germany. Fair prices for high-quality honey. Free from plastic.

Ancient grain

Ancient wheat as well as old grist and grain. They not only sell the original grain, but also regularly create new specialties such as sourdough bread, pasta and other pasta products as well as craft beer.
Urkorn Austria is actively committed to the preservation of ancient grains.

Vegan Star

Vegan Star Vital is a device for making vegan drinks such as soy drinks, nut drinks, cereal drinks, baby food, vegetable soups and much more.

Vitamix Austria

High-performance blender for the production of
delicious soups, smoothies
and much more.

Pixelstudio Hallein - Web and graphic design agency

Web design, graphic design,
Online stores,
Online marketing, SEO

Silurian stone art - Austrian stones brought into shape.

Mindful leadership - self-management

Association for Mindfulness and Mindfulness - Mag. Gabriele Köchl

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