Grinders without plastics

Grinders without plastics

Where the flour is milled, only local beech wood, granite and stainless steel come into contact with the grain and flour.

More and more people are concerned with the topic of “plastics” and “plastics in connection with food”.

Many people today reject appliances whose plastic parts come into contact with food or whose abrasion on plastic parts could get into your food.

You think about:

  • BPA,
  • Plasticizer,
  • Abrasion,
  • electrostatic charge,
  • Environmental impact

This is our contribution to sustainability and healthy nutrition!

Grain mills without plastics are custom-made – please allow approx. 2 weeks for delivery

Our mills

  • MAX,
  • MAX Special
  • MT 5,
  • MT 5 ED
  • MT 12
  • and MT 18

can be supplied almost completely plastic-free.

Seals are made of rubber or felt, completely natural materials.

*Of course, power cables and switches and various parts in the lower housing of the grinder (motor compartment) cannot be dispensed with.

Grinders without plastics
Salzburg grain mill with stainless steel stone support
Grinders without plastics
Salzburg grain mill with felt seal

Our grain mills without plastics*