Eyes wide open On grain mill purchasing!

What distinguishes the Salzburg Grain Mill?

Domestic, solid and untreated wood instead of plastic.

Eyes wide open On grain mill purchasing!

The milling-chamber is made from local, untreated beech wood

This is where the grain is ground!
Even if the grains rub against the side wall, no synthetic substances can get into the flour.
In the grinding chamber, your grain and flour only come into contact with wood (except for the stone support and grinding stone).

Eyes wide open On grain mill purchasing!

Housing and funnel are made from local, untreated beech, oak or walnut wood manufactured

On the outside, the funnel and the housing are glazed with natural, organic beeswax oil and thus protected against environmental influences.

Granite mill stones - without chemical additives instead of artificial corundum-ceramic mill stones

Eyes wide open On grain mill purchasing!

We are probably the only manufacturer to offer untreated granite grinding stones for electric household grinders.

Our decades of experience have convinced us of the value of natural grinding stones.

Unlike artificial millstones, granite stones have to be worked by hand.

Each pair of stones is unique

Durable – almost break- and chipping-proof – self-sharpening – no artificial abrasion in the flour.

Artificial corundum-ceramic grinding stones are out of the question for us!

Corundum ceramic grinding stones – main component is artificially produced corundum.
We reject the use of artificially produced aluminum oxide for the grinding stones in our mills out of conviction.
The production of artificial corundum is described in Wikipedia as follows:

“Corundum (aluminum oxide Al2O3) used to come from natural deposits (e.g. the island of Naxos, Greece).
It is a very hard mineral that is now produced artificially for abrasives.
Various degrees of purity can be achieved during production using the melting process: from dark brown normal corundum to white precious corundum.
In order to influence the properties (e.g. toughness, splintering ability) of the fused alumina in the desired way, certain elements such as chromium or zirconium are incorporated into the crystal lattice in a controlled manner, resulting in the various types of fused alumina with the corresponding “colors”.


The proven coarse-fine adjustment

Eyes wide open On grain mill purchasing!

The proven coarse-fine adjustment is very easy to operate with one hand


At the mills

  • Carina,
  • MAX,
  • MAX Special
  • and MT 5

the flour fineness is determined by Raise and lower the lower grindstone.
You turn the wooden knob on the side.
The flour fineness can also be adjusted during grinding.

The stainless steel thread

With a service life of more than 40 years based on experience.

Eyes wide open On grain mill purchasing!

By turning the hopper, the associated stainless steel thread changes the fineness of the flour.

The mills

  • MT 5 ED,
  • MT 12
  • and MT18

are equipped with this adjustment system and guarantee fine flour for decades.

The stainless steel thread ensures that the set degree of fineness does not change during grinding.

Lifetime guarantee

Eyes wide open On grain mill purchasing!

“Lifetime” guarantee

on the granite grinding stone in the event of breakage and chipping of stone particles

Warranty conditions:

The warranty is valid from the date of purchase, for an unlimited period of time, in the event of breakage and chipping of stone particles from the granite despite use of the grinder in accordance with the operating instructions and manufacturer’s specifications.
The granite stones will be replaced free of charge if the grinding performance is impaired due to breakage or chipping of stone particles.

The warranty does not apply to damage caused by the use of force or improper use.