The granite millstone – the heart of our grain mills!

The granite millstone - the heart of our grain mills!Based on our experience and full conviction, in 2016 we decided to exclusively produce mills under the name Salzburger Getreidemühlen using grinding stones made from naturally sourced granite. This decision was primarily influenced by the compelling characteristics:

  • Extreme Durability: Our granite grinding stones, with their factory finish, often provide excellent service for 30 to 40 years and can be resharpened by us for a second, equally long life. One cannot demand higher durability from a product.
  • Almost unbreakable: We are not aware of any instances of the grinding stone breaking or parts chipping off. Even grinding small stones that may be present in the grain, our granite grinding stones withstand and thus protect your teeth. Therefore, we gladly offer a lifetime warranty on our natural stones*
  • Granite is naturally perfect: Without any artificial binders and additives, granite as a pure and natural material possesses ideal properties for grinding grain. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, granite is the only right choice for us.

The flour from natural stones is indescribable… airy, powdery, velvety, soft.

These words are not enough. You have to feel the flour between your fingertips.

Flour that you buy pre-packaged in stores is categorized into types and produced in standardized processes.

Grind your own with an original Salzburger grain mill and experience the differences and uniqueness of the flour already in the bowl that catches it under the spout. Watch how it piles up into flour cones and slides off, how it shakes out or later behaves during kneading, unfolds during baking, and ultimately reveals itself in the outstanding taste.

Words from experienced bakers count here more than industry standards.

Only with this does it work – with the flour from my Salzburgerin,” said an Upper Austrian farmer at an exhibition, who always bakes a specific cake for her small community for the Harvest Festival. And one could clearly see the pride in her eyes.

From Granite Block to Millstone:

Our granite stones are carefully and patiently matched to each other and manually crafted.

The production of our millstones begins with a millstone blank, which is given the basic shape of the grinding surfaces and perfect roundness.

Following this are several uncompromising optimization steps, in which through grinding tests, rebuilding, and resharpening, perfection is honed to achieve the desired fineness of the flour and the grinding performance.

It is a matter of experience and something very individual, what shape the professional gives to the stone, until hard and bulky grains like rice or chickpeas are ground as finely as rye and wheat.

It is almost like building a musical instrument, where often multiple approaches lead to an outstanding result.

Now you understand the effort required to transform the granite blocks quarried in the same area in Europe into small, round, perfectly balanced millstones. And how simple it is in contrast to manufacture artificial millstones from corundum ceramic, pressed into shape by chemical binding agents in a high-temperature furnace.

Each Pair of Stones is Unique!

Our search for the right granite for our mills began over 40 years ago. Since our pioneering days in the 1970s, we have searched throughout Austria, Germany, and all of Europe, evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of various natural stones to find the most suitable granite for the Salzburger MT series.

From quarrying to granite millstone