Salzburg grain mills from 300 to 360 watts


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Salzburg grain mills from 300 to 360 watts

Selecting the right grinder based on flour requirements

This question is crucial when choosing the right size of one of our grinders.
Consider the many advantages of having freshly ground flour to hand at all times.

Considerations on the use of mills

Do you regularly use smaller quantities or occasionally larger quantities?
Think about how often you use the mill.
Do you bake several times a week and therefore only need small quantities of flour?
Or do you primarily use the mill to grind grain?
Perhaps you only need it for your daily requirements for dishes such as dumplings or pancakes.
In this case, grinders with 300 to 360 watts would be ideal for you.

Planning baking days

Do you plan specific baking days where you only grind once or twice a month?
Do you store your baked bread for later enjoyment?
Then a grinder with a motor of 550 watts or more would be appropriate.

Consideration of the grain type

The finer and harder the grain, the more powerful the motor should be.
A grinder should be dimensioned so that the required amount of flour can be ground in one pass.
After a cooling time of around 2 to 3 hours, the motor can be used again.

Recommendation for beginners

For beginners and users with low flour requirements, we recommend grinders with 300 watts.
Our Carina impresses with its attractive design and small footprint.
For one loaf of bread or cake, you need 1 kg of flour, which can be ground in one grinding process.

Grinders with 360 watts

Grinders with 360 watts deliver up to 2 kg of flour in one pass.
Pay attention to the adjustment of the motor and millstone.
The grinding and processing of the millstones are important.
Grinding hard grains such as corn requires more power than wheat or rye.
Information on suitable grains can be found under the link provided.

Motor quality

The wattage alone is not a sufficient indicator of quality.
Aspects such as the size of the laminated core, the winding and the materials used are more revealing.
Our motors come from a renowned European manufacturer.
We deliberately use industrial motors instead of products from China.
These are maintenance-free and protected against overload.
Should the motor switch off due to a fault, your grinder is still safe.

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