Ankarsrum Assistent 6230 Kneading machine


The kneading machine from Sweden – is something very special, just like a Salzburg grain mill

Ankarsrum Assistent Original – 70 years of experience

Nine functions make kitchen work easier

Either when you purchase your grain mill, sooner or later you will find out about a kneading machine that matches your Salzburg grain mill.

Your mill is a rarity due to the choice of materials used, the natural stone and the handwork.

That is why it is important for us to offer you the kneading machine for your home that we are convinced is one of the best.

Baking bread for a large family? – Or are you a hobby baker with high standards?

Any kneading machine that is available in any electrical store or supermarket will not make you happy if baking is part of a healthy and good life for you.

Just as the flour from grain mills differs, the texture of the bread dough differs due to different kneading machines.

You will need a kneading machine that is robust and powerful, especially for the amount of flour that the MT 12 grinder is able to produce in one pass.

Why are we enthusiastic about the Ankarsrum?

Quality that counts! What counts with this classic from Sweden, as with our Salzburg grain mills, is durability, performance, handmade quality and tradition.

Ankarsrum Assistent Original is the first Swedish-made food processor, first introduced in 1940.

Over the years, the machine was equipped with a more powerful motor, infinitely variable speed control and overload protection.

Despite technical advancements, the appliances are still manufactured and assembled by hand in the well-known town of Ankarsrum in Smaland, just as they were 70 years ago.

Like our grain mills, each machine is subjected to a wide range of tests before delivery.

The style of fashion survives! The characteristic streamlined design (designed by engineer Alvar Lenning) is just as popular today as it was in the 1950s. The cream-colored original has since been expanded to include many color variations and adapted to the color trends of the time.

Kneading with the Ankarsrum Assistent Original – You can process up to 5 kilos of bread dough in the 7 l stainless steel bowl.

Whether heavy sourdough, yeast dough or light shortcrust or sponge dough, this kneading machine is perfectly equipped for all types of dough.

Even with heavy types of dough, a particularly evenly kneaded mass is produced using either dough hooks or a mixing roller.

It’s all about the right twist! In contrast to conventional food processors, the Ankarsrum stands out with its very special twist!

It is not the mixing tools that ensure the efficient and clean processing of the dough, but the bowl itself! This ensures optimum application of force to the ingredients and the dough.

The bowl is mounted above the motor and the gearbox so that the bowl rotates around itself instead of the attachment (e.g. a stirring rod), as is usual with other food processors. This ensures optimum application of force to the ingredients and a homogeneously kneaded dough. This design also makes kitchen work easier, as the ingredients can be added more easily from above. Together with this ingenious turning technology, a powerful 1500 watt motor works instead of your hands.

Dough scrapers ensure that all ingredients are constantly brought together in the middle so that the dough hook can process them perfectly. With the Ankarsrum Assistent Original, manual post-processing, which is often necessary, is no longer necessary.

We took a close look at a wide variety of kneading machines and the Ankarsum met our requirements.