Ankarsrum Baking Steel


Includes 20% MwSt.
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  • The package includes a baking steel and a pizza paddle.
  • Both are made in northern Sweden – ideal for baking pizza in a normal oven or as a griddle on an outdoor grill.
  • The Baking Steel is also ideal for all types of bread that require a short baking time at a high temperature.
  • The Baking Steel is laser-cut from a solid steel plate.
  • The pizza paddle is handmade from birch.
  • The Baking Steel weighs 5 kg.
  • The dimensions of the baking stone are 6x370x330 mm.


  • If the Baking Steel has been used in the oven, leave it to cool for at least an hour to make it easier to handle. Then wash off and dry thoroughly. After using it on an outdoor grill, wash it while it is still hot to easily remove grill residue. Steel wool and grill cleaning tools can be used and will not damage the steel. Always remember to dry the Baking Steel thoroughly and keep it in a dry place to avoid rust.


  • Use the Baking Steel as a frying plate on the outdoor grill. Not only for pizza, but also for roasting vegetables, seafood, meat or burgers.
  • When baking pizza: Place the Baking Steel on a rack at the top of the oven, approx. 5 cm away from the grill element. Switch on the max grill function and let the steel heat up for about an hour. In 2 minutes you have a steaming hot pizza with crispy edges and a golden brown base.