Round bee bread tin – 1.0 kg – Ø 20 cm

Round bee bread tin – 1.0 kg – Ø 20 cm


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Bread tin bee round 1.0 kg, Ø 20 cm cane with wooden base

Give us this day our daily bread …

Salzburger-Getreidemuehlen-Brotkorb-Gaerkorb-1How nice it is when you can add a personal motif to something as valuable as bread baked with love, choose from the various motifs and show that it really is homemade! The high-quality bread tins are not made in China, as is often the case, but in Germany. They have a sturdy wooden base with various grooves. Whenever you bring home-baked bread to the table, the motif will create a surprise and make your work even more valuable. isn’t giving a bread tin like this a nice, very special gift idea?