Ankarsrum Assistant Original – the kneading machine from Sweden

Just like a Salzburg flour mill, the Ankarsrum Assistant Original kneading machine is something very special. 70 years of experience have gone into the kneading machine from Sweden.

Either already when purchasing a grain mill or after the first breads and cakes have been baked – sooner or later you will find out about a kneading machine suitable for your Salzburg grain mill. The mill is a rarity due to the selection of materials used, the natural stones and the handiwork . That’s why we are keen to offer you the kneading machine for home, which we are convinced is one of the best.Ankarsrum Assistant Original - the kneading machine from Sweden

Baking bread for a larger family? Or maybe you are an amateur baker with high demands?
If baking yourself is part of a good and healthy life for you, then some kneading machine available in any electric or supermarket will not make you happy. Just as flour milled by grain mills differs, differences can be found in the texture of bread dough kneaded in different kneading machines.
For example, for the amount of flour that can be milled in just one pass with the MT 12 of our Salzburg grain mills, you need a kneading machine that is robust and powerful.

Why we are enthusiastic about the Ankarsrum Assistant Original from Sweden? – Quality that counts!
With the classic from Sweden count, as with our Salzburg grain mills, the long shelf life, performance, handmade quality and tradition. Ankarsrum Assistant Original is the first kitchen machine made in Sweden, which was manufactured back in 1940. Over the years, the machine has been equipped with a more powerful motor, infinitely variable speed control and overload protection. Despite technical advancements, the devices are handmade – as they were 70 years ago – in the town of Ankarsrum in Smaland. Like our Salzburg grain mills, each machine is subjected to a wide range of tests before delivery.

Ankarsrum Assistant Original - the kneading machine from SwedenStyle of fashion survives! The characteristic streamlined design, developed by Dipl. Ing. Alvar Lennig designed, is as popular today as it was in the 1950s. The original, which was cream-coloured at the time, has since been expanded to include many colour variations, adapting to the colour trends of the time.

Take a look at the Ankarsrum Assistant Original from Sweden, which we have for you in 14 different colors:
Maybe there is one that exactly meets your taste!?

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