Under the microscope

Hello and greetings!

Also in the life of a mouse it is important to be always up to date and well informed. And since I’m a modern Berti, I sometimes look at the writing about grindstones on the Internet.

Either some mill sellers or bloggers do not know what mumbo jumbo they write, or one swindles quite deliberately? Because, what you read there everything, the magnifying glass fell out of my hand! “Natural stone mixture” for example. Is that like the egg-laying pig?

Natural stone mixture! What is that supposed to be? Do you mean the synthetically produced corundum-ceramic grinding stones? I must protest!

Because these have never seen a naturally grown corundum (as it is mined in Crete, for example) in their entire short stone life. Short stone life I write because they do not arise over centuries or even over millennia in the mountains. Corundum ceramic millstones are fired in the oven like porcelain.
Of course, there is naturally grown corundum, but it is not used for the production of artificial millstones. This is not done!

So what is this corundum ceramic grinding stone now? Is this a nature-art mix?

No! This mixture does not exist and no matter how you try to talk the artificial stone natural – the corundum-ceramic grinding stones are and remain artificially produced stones, the main component of which is aluminum oxide.

No question: The corundum ceramic stones grind well, for a long time and also quite finely – but that does not make them natural stones ! And no natural stone mixtures either! That has to be said, clear as a mouse!
Greetings – your Berti, who is already looking forward to spring!

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