Millet – grind and prepare

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this is Berti from the Salzburg Grain Mills. Usually I have quite delicious recipes for you – because I also love to snack so much! But today something completely different: I was so curious and have informed myself about the grain millet. I have tested with which models of Salzburg grain mills I can grind millet best. I also found out what other ways there are to prepare millet.Millet - grind

Millet is an ancient cereal that is becoming more and more trendy again. Due to the positive property of being gluten-free, millet is particularly well tolerated. So not only our grain mill Max Spezial, which can grind many gluten-free grains, can grind millet well. All our models of Salzburger grain mills – i.e.
Carina, Max, Max Special, MT 5,
MT 12, MT 18 and MT 18D

they all grind millet very well
. It is recommended to wash and dry the millet before milling (at not too hot temperature in the oven).

Millet flour is particularly suitable for baking, for example, pancakes or pancakes. If you want to bake bread or cakes, it would be advantageous to combine millet flour with a flour containing gluten or to pay attention to the most suitable type of millet.

But you can not only grind millet!
Salzburg flake master
you can also flake millet. And you can then add the fresh millet flakes to your breakfast cereal or make a millet porridge with them.

Other ways to prepare millet:

To use millet as a side dish or base for a gluten-free dish, you can either boil or cook it.

  • Cooking: Before you cook the millet, you should first wash it thoroughly to remove bitter substances. These occur because the grain can be injured during shelling. Oils leak from the injured areas, which then begin to oxidize. After the millet is washed, put it in a saucepan with twice the amount of water and let it cook until all the water is gone. If desired, you can also add some soup stock for flavor before cooking.
  • Cooking: The millet can also be prepared in a steamer at 100° (for about 35 minutes).

I’m going to continue researching so I can give you new info and tips soon!

See you soon,

Your Berti


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