Our grain mill MT 12

In today’s article we would like to introduce you to our Salzburger Grain Mill MT 12. It is one of our most solid, efficient and beautiful mills.

Our MT 12 is a grain mill for connoisseurs. To provide a large family with plenty of flour in a short time, this mill offers a grinding capacity of 170 g of the finest flour per minute. That’s a great achievement!

At Salzburger Getreidemühlen, we place the highest value on using natural materials and executing the most precise craftsmanship in the construction of our mills. This means that every mill is unique – including, of course, the MT 12.Grain mill MT 12

The heart of the MT 12 grain mill is formed by the grinding stones. These are granite stones quarried in nature and free of binding agents. With the perfect cut, the natural stones of granite grind every grain of grain, no matter how fine.

The grinding chamber of the MT 12 consists of two components that give the mill its strength and durability: the thread and the inner grinding chamber. The thread is made of stainless steel, the inner grinding chamber is made of wood. And to stay with the natural materials, the housing and the funnel of the mill are also made of wood.

Speaking of wood – did you know that this material, unlike most plastics, is antistatic and antibacterial? This is also the reason why we use untreated wood for our MT 12 mill. By the way, the MT 12 is available in beech, oak and walnut.

Another big plus of the MT 12 grain mill is the possibility of coarse-fine adjustment. Whether it’s the finest flour for cakes and the like, or grippier flour for breads – the MT 12 makes it possible.

And last but not least: the motor of the MT 12. With a full 550 watts, the European-made motor is not only completely maintenance-free, but also durable and protected against overload.

What do you think of our MT 12? As you can see, she really has a lot going for her!

Here you can have a look at our grain mill MT 12 >>

That was: Our MT 12 grain mill

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