#GrainAndBrain! 🌾🧠 Whole Grain, Mental Fitness and Joy of Living

Dear #GrainAndBrain Community,

we are beyond excited to introduce you to our latest campaign:

It is very close to our hearts to accompany you on the way to an improved physical health, but also to an increased mental performance through whole grain products.

#GrainAndBrain! 🌾🧠 It’s time to fill your life with more energy, clarity and well-being!

Why is this so important?

Nutrition plays a crucial role in our brain and overall well-being. Whole grain products are an incredible treasure that nature offers us. They contain essential nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and vitamin B, which have a positive effect on our cognitive abilities. 🌟


  • you could concentrate better,
  • would have a sharper memory
  • and could be mentally stronger – simply by incorporating whole grains into your daily diet.

With our
Salzburg grain mills
you can easily enjoy freshly milled wholemeal flour.

Our mills are a feast for the eyes in any kitchen and are the bridge between healthy eating and mental fitness

dar. 🌱

With each turn of the
you become a little healthier, a little more attentive and a little happier.

That’s the mission behind our #GrainAndBrain initiative! 💖

Let’s start this journey together! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you inspiring recipes, interesting facts and motivational stories.

You’ll get insights into the world of nutrients that whole grains hold for our minds and souls! ✨

Be curious what #GrainAndBrain has in store for you! 💖

Your whole-grain mill team🌾❤️🧠

P.S.: Share your experiences and recipes under the hashtag #GrainAndBrain. We’re excited to see your creative and inspiring ideas! 😍


1. **What is the #GrainAndBrain campaign?**
The #GrainAndBrain campaign is a project of Salzburg Grain Mills that focuses on promoting healthy eating and mental fitness through whole grain products.

2. **Why should I include whole grain products in my diet?**
Whole grain products contain important nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and vitamin B, which are beneficial for mental health.

3. **What are Salzburg grain mills?**
They are high quality grain mills, with granite grinding stone and wooden grinding chamber. They can serve as a bridge between healthy eating and mental fitness.

4. **How can I become part of the #GrainAndBrain community?**
You can follow us on social media and use the hashtag #GrainAndBrain to share your experiences and recipes.

5. **Where can I find whole grain recipes?**
Share on our recipe blog and social media.

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