Salzburger Getreidemühlen

Mill stories

Tales of the mill

In our mill stories, long-time owners of a Salzburg grain mill tell their extraordinary and personal experiences in connection with their mill.

  • Like theu00a0u00a0full-value pioneerMarc Gallus,u00a0u00a0whoundertakes anu00a0unplanned journey into the pastu00a0. Accompanied by many emotional memories.
  • Or how a Getreidemu00fchle MT 5 sails around the world with a yacht.
  • The story of the little cat Leni, who thinks she is a dog, makes us smile.u00a0
  • For Mrs. F., her Salzburger Getreidemu00fchle is a part of her life that has accompanied her for so long. Enjoyment and wholesome food, like her cereal muesli, are part of Mrs. F.’s life.

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