The Mill for Commercial Use

Salzburger Commercial Mill MT 18


Salzburger Gewerbemühle MT 18 in einer Schule in Somalia

Wood – stainless steel – natural stone and a motor for continuous operation are the main features of this mill.

Ideal for

  • restaurants,
  • canteens,
  • schools,
  • farm shops,
  • health food stores,
  • for small bakeries etc.

The concept is logical and easy: Only quality will be proven!

Our mill MT 18 offers proof of its quality thanks to decades of operation for commercial processing.

The essential features:

farine de bléThe motor, the mill stones and the coarse/fine adjustment!

The 900 watt motor: An industrial motor, designed specifically for us, guarantees long service life (hours of usage at continuous operation).
Of course, it goes without saying that the motor is maintenance-free and equipped with overload protection.
Manufacturer: ATB Austria (formerly Bauknecht).

Motors made by this manufacturer are, today, still in full operation in mills returned to us for service, often even after 35 years, causing no problems in our mills (even after decades of use).

The combination of the powerful industrial motor with the large mill stones guarantee a fast and gentle milling at only 850 rotations per minute.

For us, this is a sign of quality!

The coarse fine adjustment – a thread made of stainless steel
Where else can you find such precise and high quality adjustment?
(As far as we are aware, most other flour mills are constructed with a plastic adjustment device)
The correct positioning of the stones (parallel to each other) has over decades been a prerequisite to the processing of fine flour…
By turning the funnel the degree of fineness of the flour is continuously adjusted.
Only stainless steel can meet our demands on longevity.

Natural stone – granite

is the specialist for processing the finest flour, ensuring the best baking results.
Our Salzburg mills are well-known for the production of powdery, light flour.

Baking professionals all over the world confirm again and again the convincing quality of the flour and the baking properties. Even the finest recipes for baking cakes and gateaux are successful!
Since the beginning of our activity, we have not registered any knowledge of a breakout or break of a granite mill stone. Due to the very low abrasion of the stones, you feel no “fine stone particles” in the flour.
Experience has shown that after about 15-20 years of service, the stones must be overhauled.
The mill-stones are flexibly suspended. So, unwanted vibrations are absorbed.

Therefore for breakage of the stone and breaking out of stone particles on our commercial mills we grant a warranty period of 24 years

That is a sign of our love for NATURE

The wooden milling chamber – is a logical consequence.
Likewise, that the stainless steel flour outlet features a wooden inner lining.

All types of grain can be processed with the Salzburger grain mill MT18. The powerful motor and large mill-stones, enables milling of corn, soybeans, rice, chickpeas and most hard, gluten-free grains without causing any problems.

Of course, bran for healthy breakfast cereals (for example as required for catering outlets) can be processed in large quantities.

Technical Data for grain mill MT18:
Milling capacity fine: 270g/h
Milling capacity coarse: multible
Weight: 19,5 kg
Funnel capacity: 1,7 kg (up to 5,0 kg)
Standing space: 25 cm
Height: 47 cm
Fine- coarse control: infinitely variable
Input control: reduces the temperature during milling
Mill-stone: granite
Mill-stone diameter: 120 mm
Positioning of milling-
Milling chamber: beech wood
Outer surface of housing: biological beeswax
Power: 900 watt
Voltage: 230 V 50 Hz
Revolutions when milling: 850 rpm
Warranty: 2 years on the mill

24 years guarantee on breakage or break-out of stone particles provided the mill is used in accordance with the manual and the manufacturer’s specifications. The granite stones will be replaced free of charge should the milling process be impaired by breakage or breakout.